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Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

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We are a boutique clinic in San Luis Obispo that specializes in pain management, women's health, stress reduction, and facial rejuvenation. Begin your journey to optimal health and wellbeing.


Acupuncture helps bring the body back to a state of balance. At this point in time, acupuncture is well known for its incredible ability...

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Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine includes plant products, such as: leaves, roots, barks, seeds, and stems...

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Nutritional Counseling

With each meal, you have the opportunity to move forward on your path to optimal health and well-being...

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Yin Tuina

Yin Tuina is the Chinese term for a hands on, subtle touch medical therapy. This gentle energetic technique is remarkably powerful in...

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Now offering virtual consultations

Herbal medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations available for anyone in California

Milkweed & Alchemy

Although milkweed was historically used as a medicinal herb, it is more well known for its use as food for the Monarch butterfly. Milkweed's ambrosial nectar propels the caterpillar's metamorphosis into this magnificent butterfly. Alchemy is the magical process of transformation and creation. Inner Alchemy unlocks the innate potential in each one of us. Who would you be free of pain? If you slept better? If you had boundless energy? And if you moved heart forward through each day? Here at Milkweed & Alchemy, our mission is to help you cultivate your optimal health: body, mind, and soul. We use acupuncture, herbal medicine, Reiki, lifestyle and nutrition to catalyze your metamorphosis. Are you ready to be transformed?

What are you ready to transform?

- Chronic pain that interferes with the enjoyments of life.
- Seasonal allergies that make you dread Spring.
- Lack of energy day in, day out.
- Heartbreak. Enough said.
- Anxiety about literally everything
- Spiritual disconnect from your Higher Power.

- The hormone roller coaster ride each month.
- The feeling of stagnation in relationships, work, life.
- Devastation each night from the inability to sleep soundly.
- Brain fog that keeps you from being able to focus.
- Every passing moment that is met with angst and frustration.
- The lack of JOY in your life.

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