Several times over the past couple of days, I’ve read that doctors are noticing that COVID-19 patients look like they have altitude sickness. What it does to the lungs is similar and blood oxygen is very low in both. It will be interesting to see if treating the coronavirus the way they treat altitude sickness would be effective.

I used get altitude sickness pretty bad when I’d go backpacking: fatigue, dizziness, slight nausea, low appetite, headache. Not fun when you’re carrying a huge pack up up a mountain! Last time we went alpine hiking, I went prepared with my herbal arsenal and did so much better. This was camping at about 10,000 ft and hiking up to 12,000ft. My one-two punch is rhodiola and chlorophyll. Rhodiola is a pillar in Tibetan herbal medicine. The sherpas use it when guiding hikers in the Himalayas. It helps boost athletic performance. My friend that was living in Denver (mile-high city) told me about chlorphyll for her altitude sickness. It helps build blood (which carries oxygen). Fair warning, it will turn your mouth dark green! Now I carry these with me each time we hike in the Sierras to make for a much more enjoyable experience. Speaking of which, I cannot wait until we get out the Sierras again. Nothing like the mountain air to make you feel alive. At the top of my list of travel destinations!

Disclosure: This is not a treatment for coronavirus. If you are on prescription medications, please check with your healthcare provider for herb-drug interactions prior to ingesting any herbs.

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