June 17th, 2017   |   2:30 – 4:00pm   |   $25

Chinese medicine teaches us to live in harmony with each incoming season. Changes to our diet and lifestyle help create a balance between the environment and our bodies. Summer corresponds with activity, an outward expression of energy, and movement. It is the time for expansion and growth. In Chinese Medicine, the organ associated with Summer is the Heart. The Heart is associated with emotional well-being and consciousness. During this session, we will explore Chinese medical theory in regards to Summer and how to support the Heart via diet herbs, essential oils, and lifestyle modifications. The lecture will be followed by a guided meditation and acupuncture treatment designed to open up the heart and welcome in joy.

You will leave the workshop not only feeling expanded, but with the tools, wisdom, and energetic alignment to bring in your heart’s desire just in time for Summer Solstice!

Please wear comfortable clothes. Acupuncture will be in chairs, community style. Organic herbal tea will be served. Space is limited, call or sign up online (here) today!